Reviews (Summative Assessment)

Unlike formative feedback, reviews are intended to provide a summative assessment of the content according to the rubric defined in the template. If a rubric is not defined in the template, reviews are not available for the content.

To request a review, a user should click on the “edit” button in the “Work in Progress” tab in the user dashboard. At the bottom of the left navigation, is a “Submit for Review” button. Upon clicking the button, all required fields will be checked. If all requirements are met, the content will be submitted for a review. Otherwise, the user will be notified of which sections still need to be completed.

Requested reviews are accessible in the “Reviews Requested” tab for those who have been assigned the roles expert or peer reviewer. Requested reviews will be displayed until 3 reviews have been completed for the content. Users may not review their own content. Upon clicking the “review” button, reviewers will be shown the content submitted, a link to view the rubric, and all collaborative feedback. The reviewer will be supplied with a section of radio buttons each aligned to the rubric and scoring. Each competency is required. The reviewer must also provide a comment for the author. Scores are saved and are accessible via the Status Report API. Users may also view the reviews under the “My Published Content” tab.