Once content is published it is accessible in two tabs on the user dashboard: “Published Content” and “My Published Content”. “Published Content” provides a way to search and find any published content for any user. Searching can be done using author names, title and tags. Clicking on the title of the content will take users to the public view of the content displaying only the section and fields entered by the author. “My Published Content” provides users with a list of their content only. Users may view feedback, reviews and delete their content.

Content may be published when a user clicks on the “edit” button in the “Work in Progress” tab in the user dashboard. At the bottom of the left navigation, users click on the “Publish” button to publish the content. Required fields will be checked. If all requirements are met, the content will be published. Otherwise, the user will be notified of which sections still need to be completed. At this time, once content is published, it cannot be unpublished.