LTI Requirements

The Process Lab uses LTI to authorize platforms and send user data. Read the specifications provided by IMS Global.

Parameter #Explanation/Example Data Required
lti_message_type basic-lti-launch-request yes
lti_version LTI-1p0 yes
launch_presentation_document_target frame
launch_presentation_width 550
launch_presentation_height 300
launch_presentation_return_url #URL for consumer site yes
launch_presentation_css_url #URL for CSS on consumer site
launch_presentation_locale en-US
lis_result_sourcedid feb-123-456-2929::28883
user_id 5556 #user id on consumer site yes
lis_person_name_full Jane Test yes
lis_person_contact_email_primary yes
roles Instructor,Mentor, Mentor/Reviewer
# roles are specified by LTI but are named differently in Process Lab. Translation:
learner = author (default)
administrator = admin
mentor = online facilitator
instructor = peer reviewer
mentor/reviewer = expert reviewer
user_image #URL for user profile image on consumer site yes
context_id Chem-101.78914 #course user is taking on consumer site
context_label CHEM101
context_title Chemistry 101
context_type CourseSection
resource_link_description A weekly blog
resource_link_id 937267789 yes
resource_link_title Weekly Blog
tool_consumer_info_product_family_code 123ABC
tool_consumer_info_version 1.0
tool_consumer_instance_description University or School
tool_consumer_instance_guid #domain of consumer site
oauth_consumer_key #consumer key defined by consumer site yes
oauth_timestamp #consumer secret defined by consumer site yes
oauth_version 1.0
oauth_nonce yes
oauth_callback yes
oauth_signature_method yes
oauth_signature yes
custom_user_tag_school #custom defined tag with label. To define a custom tag with label follow this pattern:

Custom_user_tag_school = Texas Elementary School
custom_user_tags Comma-delimited string of tags for the user. Example:
Spanish,math, esl
custom_tc_profile_url #users profile on consumer site