Content Creation

Content Creation is one of the main functions of the Process Lab. Content creation is based on sections defined in the templates created in the Administrative Area. Content may contain text, links and images/files in each section. Content may be published for other users to view. But remains private to the author until it is published. There is an area for users to provide feedback to content (formative review). Content may be reviewed and scored according to the competencies defined in the template (summative review). Content may be edited by going to the “Work in Progress” tab in the dashboard and clicking on the “edit” button. Content may also be deleted under the “Work in Progress” tab by clicking on the “delete” button.


At the top of each dashboard is a button labeled “Build”. This is the starting point for creating content. Upon landing on the Build page, users are given a choice of templates to get started. Clicking on a template will provide a new layout for the user with navigation elements on the left and a working space on the right. To begin the user can add a Title to name the content and create the work in progress. If the template is associated with a course and/or aligned with a rubric, links will be available to access each of these.


A Title is required to create content and all titles must be unique per user. A title may be edited later by clicking on the title in the left navigation.

Sections and Fields

Sections and fields are defined and titled in the template. Users may navigate to each section by selecting the section title underneath “Build” in the left navigation. Each section may have many fields. Within each field a user may add text, websites and images or files. If a field is marked as required, one of these options must be supplied.

Within each section a user may request feedback. In the upper right corner of each section is a “Share” slider. Clicking on the slider will turn on the feedback request for that section.


Tags are used to help users search for and find content. To add tags for content, click on “Tag” in the left navigation. Begin by typing in the “Add new tag” box. As a user types, tags that have already been entered will appear. The user should select the tag that most closely matches the tag that describes their content or they may continue typing to create a new tag and then click enter to add. Tags will appear below to the left of the box and can be removed by clicking on the “x” to the right of the tag.

Notes from the field

The Notes from the field area is a place for users to write notes and observations to help them create their content. Just like the text editor in each the section fields, users may format and style the text.