Collaborative Feedback (Formative Assessment)

Formative assessment is a critical component of the Process Lab. It allows users to collaborate with their peers on the content that they are creating. Once a user requests feedback for a section, other users see the request under the “Feedback Needed” tab on their dashboard. Upon clicking the “Add feedback” button, users will see the content supplied for that section and may add a comment at the bottom. Users may return and continue to add feedback for as long as the requesting user has left on the “Share” slider.

To requesting user is notified of feedback under the “Work in Progress” and “My Published Content” tabs. A “feedback” button along with a count for the number of feedback entries is displayed next to the content title. Clicking on the button will take the user to the “Collaborate” section of the content where the feedback can be reviewed per section. The requesting user may also navigate to feedback by clicking on the “Collaborate” link in the left navigation.